Welcome to Florence Swainson Deaf School


It was in the year 1895, Miss. Flowerence  Swainson, a Missionary from ZANANA Missionary  Society, England, working at Sarah Tucker Institution, Palayamkottai got the divine inspiration to start this ministry for the Deaf children in South India. Initially, She found a class with three Deaf children in the campus of Sarah Tucker Institution, Within a couple of years, she purchased the large site of 14 acres with the money gifted by her friends in England and shifted the school to the present campus. Following her, several other English Missionaries, Miss. Morgan   & Rev. Charles Chittenden, with their dedication and devotion to this ministry spent out their lives for the growth of this Institution. The school got the first government recognition in 1901. The strength gradually grew up and it was upgraded into a High School in 1978. Again the school was upgraded to the Higher Secondary level in 1993. After the English Missionaries the Tirunelveli  Diocese(TDTA) took up the responsibility of this pioneer Institution.

At present this institution caters to the educational, social, psychological, and spiritual needs of about 450 hearing

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impaired children irrespective of caste and creed .A team of dedicated staff comprising specially trained teachers, Vocational instructors and child care staff carry out this ministry effectively.

This institution is the Third Pioneer School for the deaf children in the south. At present this is the largest residential institution for the deaf in India. Our institution has own the State Level Award for the best institution (2002-03).


         Ensure an environment that recognize the potential of the hearing impaired persons, offers equal opportunities to build on their capabilities and facilitate them to be a contributing citizen.


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  2. To inculcate general living and vocational skills.
  3. To browse and create suitable job opportunities.

Students choose their track during dissertationauthors.com their freshman year.